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Salad with daikon and dried tomatoes, recipes with photos

Today I come back to you with a vitamin salad, which has a very interesting composition.

Let’s start in order: the main ingredient is daikon. If you are not very familiar with this vegetable, you need to do it urgently. Spring is in the yard, and daikon, unlike many other vegetables, perfectly preserved vitamin composition.

Another argument in favor of daikon – helps digest fats and starch, so if you do not fast, it will help you in any case.

Next salad mix. We began to sell such wonderful mixtures, I am delighted with them, I take the most different. This time I have a mixture of Mitsun and Chard.

Mitsuna has the most delicate radish taste with sourness, it is pleasant to simply chew on the leaves, and in the salad it is wonderful! Chard is leaf beetroot, sour to taste. It is clear that any greenery is also a treasure of everything useful for us.

I prepared dried tomatoes in the fall for all sorts of interesting dishes, but during the winter I had to repeat this more than once, because I have enough fans to catch tomatoes from fragrant oil. In this salad, I added dried tomatoes along with the oil in which they are stored. Well, cheese – about him and say nothing.

Ingredients: 250 grams of daikon, 150 grams of sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil, 100 grams of cheese, 75 grams of a mix of mitzunas and chard, a bit of lemon juice.

I take my favorite terochka, rub daikon pretty, but this is not necessary, you can just make thin slices with an ordinary vegetable peeler.

I rub the cheese in the same way, on the photo you can see what kind of cute perforated platelets are obtained.

Then everything is simple: combine daikon with sliced ​​dried tomatoes, sprinkle with lemon juice.

Add the cheese, mix and season with olive oil, which was dried tomatoes. If you have no oil, then just add the oil separately.

Put on a plate of handfuls of salad mix.

Now on top of a mixture of daikon with everything else and slightly move the fork, trying not to knead.

Salad is obtained with a savory taste and quite nutritious due to the cheese.

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