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Salad with daikon and cucumber recipes with photos

With the dream of spring warmth and bright green grass, we are increasingly abandoning nourishing winter salads in favor of fresh vegetables. Daikon I often use in salads, so I thought that he would make friends with a fresh cucumber.

And then I also wanted to make a fresh note in the gas station, and a new recipe was born. Maybe it is not quite unique, but it was invented in its own kitchen, and not on the basis of cookbooks.

Daikon – Japanese radish – the vegetable is tender and juicy, the central part of it is the sweetest, and closer to the tips – a bit sharper, therefore, taking it for salad, you can choose which taste is preferable: sweet or with a slight savory sharpness.

Ingredients: 0.5 daikon, 1-2 cucumbers, 100 g cheese, green onion feathers, 3 tbsp. sour cream, 3 mint leaves, 0.5 tsp. table horseradish, salt, pepper, sugar – to taste.

We clear daikon and with the help of a peeler we cut thin plates-petals.

My cucumber and also a peeler we remove long narrow ribbons.

To make the salad have a harmonious taste, we also cut the cheese into slices-chips. A peeler can handle this very well.

Put the chopped ingredients together, sprinkle with finely chopped green onions.

Now we accept the preparation of sauce – dressing. It is known that the sauce for any dish is like a frame for jewelry. I decided to make a dressing of sour cream, and add an additional refreshing taste with mint leaves.

We tear the mint into pieces, sprinkle with salt, sugar and pepper – just a little bit, and then grind it into mush.

Add sour cream to the mint and a little ready-made table horseradish, rubbing with a blender until full grinding.

Put the salad in portions, sprinkle with sour cream sauce and serve immediately. This juicy tender salad with a very fresh taste – very spring and bright.

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