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Salad with croutons and tomatoes, recipes with photos

In the summer, much more want to eat a light salad than at any other time of the year. This is the dish I prepared for lunch today.

The day before yesterday I was lucky enough to visit her husband’s grandmother’s garden. For me it was a wonderful day. After all, not only Polina, but also I collected vegetables and fruits for the first time in my life! All my relatives are urban, and no one even had a dacha.

Recently, I have been especially closely watching my food, so I cook these salads almost every day. In order to not get tired of such a menu, I add various greens and spicy herbs in a small amount.

Time for preparing: 30 minutes.

To prepare a salad with tomatoes and croutons, we need:

1) 1/3 long loaf
2) 200 g yellow tomatoes
3) 300 g red tomatoes
4) olive oil, salt
5) 1-2 cloves of garlic
6) a few sprigs of arugula, dill and basil

In order to cook the croutons, cut off the third part of the whole loaf with fluffy pulp.

Peel the garlic, cut off the edges and rub the bread with the cloves.

Cut the loaf into slices that are chopped.

Salt the cubes of bread, pour a small amount of olive oil (we can say drip on the bread), put them on a baking sheet and send to the preheated oven to dry. Since the loaf is sliced ​​very finely, they need to be cooked for a short time over medium heat.

When the croutons are ready and slightly cooled, chop the tomatoes.

Cut small fruits (cherry size) in half, cut the rest into cubes.

Arugula and basil tear hands into small pieces. Chop the dill with a sharp knife or with a blender.

Fresh greens put in a salad bowl with tomatoes.

Put ready croutons to the tomatoes with greens and mix the salad.

We spread it in a salad bowl, decorated with a sprig of basil and dill.

Do you like light salads from fresh vegetables with spicy greens?

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