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Salad with crab sticks and cabbage, recipes with photos

A salad with cabbage and crab sticks arose completely by accident – by interfering in the process of preparing external forces;)

To be more precise, once I decided to make an ordinary salad made of eggs and cheese, without any extra pomp. The mother-in-law, who never remains indifferent to my actions in the kitchen, decided to make her own contribution and exclaiming: So we have crab shelves! pulled out of the freezer a package of these products.

The husband also did not stand aside and first brought a jar of corn, and then a whole fork of cabbage. In general, that day I was not destined to be content with a simple salad 🙂

Of course, I didn’t need a whole kilogram of crab sticks, and I replaced the cabbage weighing 3 kg with a smaller cabbage. But I really liked the result of this experiment – the salad turned out tasty, not heavy, with a hint of freshness.

And I dedicate this recipe to two wonderful girls – Tanya Sunny and Kseniya Kab, who are embarrassed by me and I became as red as the crayfish from Xenia in the recipe. Tanya’s culinary masterpieces, as well as awesomely beautiful photos of Xenia, always amaze me in the very heart, that I am ready, looking at their recipes, to eat pork with ham and pork. Like this 😉

But let’s go back to the salad 🙂

Complexity is just

Preparation time – half an hour, not more

For cooking salad need such products:

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