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Salad with crab meat, recipes with photos

This is a fairly simple salad for an unpretentious consumer. The most common crab meat, which, by the way, can be replaced by crab sticks (what a difference I still do not understand))), the simplest fresh cucumber, rice, egg and cheese are the main components of this salad.

Preparing a salad takes not so much time. Rice cooks for about 20 minutes, and eggs even less. And everything else is a matter of technology and cutting speed.

I usually cook this salad for dinner, although it can be put on the table when the guests arrive. For me, he has become a classic on a par with the salad of Olivier.

You will need:

Hard cheese
Crab meat
Green cucumber

So, we proceed. Take a couple of tablespoons of rice. Anyone, even round, even long-grain, it does not matter. Boil it. Salt during cooking.

When cooking, make sure that he does not boil softly and does not turn into a mess. After the rice is cooked, be sure to wash it with boiled water, otherwise our salad risks turning into gluten.

Now take the chicken eggs. I took 3 pieces and it was enough for me. Boil them, cool and rub on a grater.

Three grated cheese.

Sprinkle cheese salad and decorate. I cut out a flower and green leaves from the skin of a cucumber. And placed a flower on half a chicken egg. I think it looks quite nice.

At first, I really wanted to cut the rosette, but I didn’t have the right amount of cucumber left, so the flower turned out so unpretentious. Next time I will definitely make beautiful flowers for a salad and I will show you. )

Enjoy your meal!

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