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Salad with canned corn and feta cheese, recipes with photos

My favorite spring-summer salad is Shopsky. It is easy to prepare (it takes me about 10 minutes), the ingredients are inexpensive, but most importantly, it is nourishing! Recently I decided to diversify it a bit, it turned out to be an interesting variation on the subject of shop salad.

Cheese and fresh vegetables are always on my menu. It is necessary to put yourself in shape by the summer! The easiest way to make a Shops salad from this set of products is, but when this one gets bored, I start experimenting and adding different ingredients to it. Sometimes it works well, sometimes not so much. But, in my opinion, the canned corn version came out quite nice, so I share my thoughts.

For cooking will need:

Step 5. Add canned corn and mix all ingredients.

Step 6. Now we conjure over the dressing. Such a fresh salad just needs an easy dressing. Mix a tablespoon of olive oil and a tea of ​​lemon juice. Add black ground pepper.

Salad ready! I would not salt it, as salty feta cheese or brynza give the salad the necessary spiciness, but this is already to taste. For aesthetics I decorate salad with greens or olives (which is near at hand). Enjoy your meal!

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