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Salad with cabbage cale, recipes with photos

Now the glum will begin again, they say, come on, come on, burn, cook your strange foods here, take out your eggs of the raccoon raccoon. But you – Cale. Who do not know, meet. Who is not interested, replace with any other cabbage, the salad will not suffer much. It will just be another salad. So what?

Why did I become attached to this cale? I met her abroad of my homeland. Cale is a fashionable superfood and cool in texture. Its leaves are curly and rather stiff, coarse. The stems are cut off, the leaves are blanched or stewed, they become softer, but they still give the chewing texture to the dishes. Cale tastes like spinach – it’s fleshy and sweet. In favor she won everything.

In the Middle Ages, cale was common in Europe more than our usual cabbage. Cool, that Russia was a serious exporter of this culture. But now everything is different. We don’t have it. And Europe and America are obsessed with it. Why? Because in favor of Cale won everything. First, there is a lot of protein and calcium in it, that’s why vegetarians love it. Call it lovingly vegetable beef. Secondly, it has few calories in it, and it takes up a good stomach, therefore, they like losing weight. Thirdly, it contains many vitamins, especially C, but vegetables are rich in vitamins. Okay. There is also quite a lot of iron in it, and the lack of iron is our modern scourge. Without iron, people become lethargic, they are haunted by fatigue. Apathy. Sadness

I suddenly saw it and bought it in the Metro (I love Metro for such surprises). It is nowhere else. But you, if you decide to try, you can plant a couple of velochkov in the garden. I have no kitchen garden, and my envy is as wide as the Dnieper. Roar that fistful. But if you are too lazy, and I was not convinced, replace it with a simple cabbage. Or even mushrooms. The texture of the salad will be more tender. So what.

Time for preparing: 30 minutes

Ingredients for extinguishing:

– Keil (kale) – 5 leaves
– tomatoes – 2 pcs.
– garlic – 3 cloves
– salt, pepper – to taste
– chili flakes – to taste
– Cumin – 1 tsp
– vegetable oil – 1 tbsp.
– sugar – 1 pinch

Additional ingredients:

– young cabbage – ¼ head
– dill – 2 branches
– parsley – 2 branches
– fresh spinach – 2 handfuls
– green onions – 4 branches chopped

For the sauce:

– pumpkin oil – 1 tbsp. (can be replaced with linen or any other)
– salt, pepper – to taste
– lemon juice – 1 tsp.

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