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Quinoa salad, recipes with photos

We should start with the fact that I am not very friendly with quinoa. It seems to be necessary to make friends with this super-group, because she, like all South American superfoods, is in fashion: she is adored by all advanced followers of healthy eating and all chefs, the presence of quinoa on the menu provides restaurants with a stream of sophisticated visitors. Nutrition consultants recommend quinoa as a substitute for meat, because this cereal is packed with protein. In general, it would be necessary to make friends, but so far I have loved only one salad with her. This.

Cooking quinoa is very simple – imagine that there is a figure in front of you. Cook 1: 2 – and you’re done. The problem is that quinoa is soapy and bitter. So, it should be washed for a long time and tediously under running water to get rid of soap, and it is necessary to boil it with spices to beat the bitterness. But as they say, there would be motivation.

I eat meat and eat fully, so, probably, my motivation is not enough to introduce you here 101 quinoa dishes. But on one reinforced concrete dish I have gained. I made this salad with Bulgur. It’s also nothing, but quinoa is better, surprisingly, because it does not boil soft, crunches, flaps its tails and, surprisingly, its light, natural bitterness here is very useful.

Time for preparing: 40 minutes

Finely chopped figs. Raisin would not cut.

I had large cherry tomatoes, so I cut it into 4 parts, and if it were normal, I would cut it in half.

Here is a lemon, so as not to forget. Lemon is needed, and such a large amount is justified. Lemon drowns out the bitterness of quinoa, and figs (raisins) successfully balance its acid. It turns out a salad full of taste. A good salad is made.

Mint leaves dropped at the last moment. And salt. I try and balance tastes.

At the end I fill with oil.

Salad ready. I really like. I return to it again and again. Although, as an honest person, I must warn you that there are people who do not like this taste. But they are few.

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