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Korean carrot salad, recipes with photos

Today I want to offer to prepare a salad of ingredients, the combination of which, at first glance, may seem somewhat unusual. But as a result, the taste is very harmonious and, having tried it once, you will definitely want to repeat.

It appeared somehow completely unexpectedly as a result of another experimental experiment in the kitchen, when the guests almost rang the doorbell and it was necessary to urgently figure out some snack.

To make this salad, we will need:

Level of difficulty: null

Time for preparing: 15 minutes

Algorithm of our actions:

Prudently boiled eggs must be peeled and cut into pieces. Fortunately, given the very selective tastes of my girls, I always have a couple of freshly baked eggs on the table.

Crab sticks, it is also advisable to defrost prudently. In extreme conditions, I had to use the defrosting function in a microwave oven. We cut the thawed crab sticks into cubes. I advise you to leave a couple of things for decor.

It is better to use olives without a stone – from them we drain the liquid and cut it into rings.

As for the carrots in Korean, then, of course, you can cook it at home. I used purchased, purchased from long-known and proven Koreans, which I had no doubt about.

All of the above products combine in a deep bowl, season with mayonnaise and mix.

Now we put the salad in a salad bowl, decorate with crab sticks and green onion feathers.

Serve the salad on the table and treat the already waiting guests – be sure that they will love the salad!

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