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Potatoes with meat and peas, recipes with photos

Classic is always a win-win.

Do you think that this would be prepared, and nothing interesting comes to mind? Prepare the classics.

This time I had a classic potato and a classic pork. Meat with potatoes is the same for all times, right?

But this is a little bit, just a little bit boring.

However, I still had fresh green peas. Well, how fresh … Slightly lying in the fridge, to be honest, so eating it was just not so tasty. But I had to think of something.

Potatoes with meat and peas is also a classic? Well, somewhere in Germany, I think so, so a hundred percent classic.

I decided to experiment. And, actually, why not?


    The recipe was invented in the course of the play, so I started from the most obvious and, I confess, a long time – I cleaned the small potatoes. Small – this is important, since I planned to cook it entirely.

    Cut in very small pieces of meat but not a bit. And the bow.

    Got polka dots.
    Then the cooking process crashed into 2 dishes.

    In the first (deep-walled utyatnitsa) over high heat, quickly roasted the meat to an appetizing crust.
    At the same time, in a second dish (pan), fry the onions, add peas to it, and fry them too. The contents of the pan added to utyatnitsa.

    Fried whole potatoes in a frying pan and also sent to the meat. Mixed, added bay leaf and salted.
    I filled it with water, let it boil, put the lid on and simmer on low heat for about 20 minutes, then open the lid and let most of the liquid evaporate – this is another 10 minutes.

    Everything. Served with dill. And quite a decent residue left on the stove and went to visit her friend.

    Returned, and utyatnitsa empty. And my husband looks at me with satisfied, cunning eyes. Ah, well at least I managed to take the first batch of photos!

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