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Potatoes with bacon, recipes with photos

Baked potatoes in the oven are much healthier and tastier than mashed potatoes or fried potatoes. So I decided to cook a healthy dinner for my boys – potatoes with bacon in the oven.

For cooking potatoes with bacon for 4 people the following products are needed:

    Also for cooking this dish requires foil and oven.

    All cooking is extremely simple and does not require much active time.

    Potatoes are cleaned and washed.

    Sprinkle with lard dill.

    Cover with the second half of the potatoes and add 1/3 tsp. olive oil.

    Wrap the potatoes with bacon in foil.

    Put the potato with lard in foil on a baking sheet and send in the oven for 1 hour. We set the temperature regime to 200 degrees so that the potatoes can prepare for the specified time.

    To such a delicious potato, you can prepare one of the sauces, the recipes of which the participants of Alimero shared with you earlier:
    – Vinaigrette sauce with lemon and herbs from Nadezhda Andriyakhinoy
    – cream sauce
    – sauce with sorrel from Nadezhda Andriyakhina
    – millet and sauerkraut sauce from Elena Grieg
    – garlic Sause
    – Rocha salsa (tomato sauce) from Anna Nepomyshaya
    – tartar sauce from Katerina Kru
    – mushroom sauce from mary poppins
    – Greek Dzadziki Sauce
    – onion sauce

    Willingness of potatoes after the time that was needed to prepare the dish, check with a wooden skewer. If the potatoes with bacon will be ready, serve it on the table.

    Enjoy your meal!

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