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Potato with stew in a slow cooker, recipes with photos

I believe in signs and that the Universe shows me the way from time to time. Sometimes even in small things. Although all my business – the little things in the scale of the universe, but oh well.

What is it for me? And besides, when some information around me comes from different places and reaches critical mass – I understand that this information cannot be ignored.

Probably, it is strange that such philosophical reasoning anticipates the recipe from a rather simple and even somewhat banal product. But that is what it is.

It all started with the fact that at the cottage the mother-in-law gave me soup with delicious meat. Imagine my surprise that the meat is – nothing like the usual stew.

In general, I never considered a stew as a product worthy of my attention. For me, it was something akin to doshirak – food for students. Okay, I ate in the country, wondered and forgot.

Here some time ago my husband returned from the store and brought 2 cans of stew. On my reasonable question, why is it us ?! Was the same reasonable
The answer is to make it happen. Okay, she put it in the package for the mother-in-law, wondered and forgot.

Then there was Tanya with her macaroni … No longer surprised. Then Larisa with her vegetable soup … And it was here that I realized that I reached the information of that very critical mass and if I continue to ignore the canned meat, then after a while she can fly right through my head for sure. So I took a jar made for my mother-in-law and went to the kitchen.

Complexity: simply

Time for preparing: somewhere 1 hour 40 minutes

The stewed potato presented itself to me as the most logical beginning for my initial acquaintance, so I cleaned it, potatoes.
Onions finely chopped. And the young zucchini chopped finely (somewhere I heard that the zucchini is good for improving immunity – now I put it wherever its presence does not cause bewilderment).

And do not forget to pepper. The fat from the stew was thrown away, and the meat along with the jelly was sent to the pan, right there I still divided the meat into fibers with a fork. Top up with water and mix it up. For 1.5 hours I set the mode of Quenching and with a clear conscience went for a walk. And on returning home, my husband and I were waiting for a delicious hot dinner. The universe, as always, was right!

Enjoy your meal!

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