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Potato stewed with meat in a pot, recipes with photos

As you know, potatoes can be stewed in various ways, adding all sorts of vegetables, meat, mushrooms, all sorts of spices and herbs, but the most delicious potatoes (as for me) are obtained in a pot. We will cook with meat. A dish with meat in a pot can not not like it!

For 4 pots of stewed potatoes with meat, the following products are considered necessary:

and cut it into thin sticks (stripes).

Fry meat until golden brown in pork fat or vegetable oil. I used pork fat – so tastier, but also more nutritious.

Meat is fried, and we proceed to the carrot. Carrots, we wash, clean and three on a large grater.

Peel the onions from the husks and cut them into small pieces.

When the meat is ready

we take it out of the fat on a plate, and on the fat in which it was fried, fry the onions until half cooked, and then add grated carrots to the onions. All together, roast another five minutes.

Onions and carrots are fried in a pan, and we peel the potatoes, wash them and cut them into oblong pieces (4-6 pieces along).

Onions and carrots should be golden and that’s such autumn.

Salt the potatoes and pour sour cream. Leave to soak for 15-25 minutes.

Fill the pots into half pieces of potatoes, then put the onions and carrots (2 tablespoons) in the pot and a quarter of the meat.

Putting a pot of potatoes to the top.

So fill three more pots.

Pour sour cream and water into each pot so that the potato is almost covered with liquid.

Top in each pot throw a piece of butter.

Close the pots with a piece of foil.
We send pots stew in the oven for half an hour at a temperature of 200 degrees.

Half an hour later, we remove the foil from the pots and simmer the potatoes in a pot for another 30-40 minutes. The liquid should be reduced in half, and the potatoes on top should get a golden color. The liquid can boil off the whole – it does not matter, as the potatoes, which have absorbed all the most delicious, will turn out even more tasty.

Sprinkle the finished potatoes with black pepper, white mustard seeds, parsley and serve hot on the table.

Sometimes I improve this recipe a bit and add some fried mushrooms, garlic and tomato paste to the pots – it turns out to be equally tasty, but this is a completely different story …

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