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Potato gratin, recipes with photos

Potatoes in our family have never been too often before. You come in the evening from work, you need to feed the family right away, there is no time especially for cooking. And in this regard, pasta or rice was more convenient for us – warmed up and good.
Potatoes are a different kind.

For me, a hot potato is not tasty, even in a skillet, even with butter … But when cooked, piping hot, that’s the food.

For this reason, potato dishes happened with us mostly on weekends.

The decree introduced its own changes into our family life. There is no time to dissuade the lack of time, so I cook potatoes, I will not overcook them.

Sometimes you get tired of it: boiled, fried, but mashed. But I decided at my leisure to cook not just potatoes, but a gratin, a French, so to speak, dish. A la french.


    we pepper
    and mix well.

    Grease the form
    and rub garlic.

    Finely chop another clove of garlic cloves, and mix milk with cream in a separate container (it took about half a glass of milk and a spoon of 4 cream, but you look at it in its shape).
    With the overlap lay out the potato plates,
    sprinkle with nutmeg,
    and sprinkle the milk mixture so as to moisten all the potato wedges.
    Repeat these steps until we fill out the form by 2/3. Fill out?

    We put the form on the fire and wait for the milk mixture to boil.
    Top grease sour cream
    and now send in the oven to readiness. It took me about an hour.

    In the meantime, three cheese.
    10 minutes before the end of roasting, sprinkle the potatoes with cheese, but not tightly, and so, in a tattern.
    When I got the gratin, I decided that chopped greens here would not hurt.

    Enjoy your meal!

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