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Potato flowers, recipes with photos

Freshly baked yeast pastries with salty stuffing are always appropriate for the dinner table and, as a rule, do not stay long. And if you bake banal wind pies with potatoes in the shape of a beautiful rosy flower, then those who want to taste such baked goods will immediately increase!

Of course, you can use any stuffing – it all depends on your family preferences. The most important thing is that the process of such interesting molding of pies is not at all complicated, but on the contrary – very fascinating.

I had once offered the recipe for a large flower-shaped pie filled with eggs and green onions to the readers of the resource. I admit that with small flowers everything turns out much easier and more entertaining.

For kneading yeast dough, I used:

For the filling I needed:

– 2 potatoes
– a pinch of salt
– 10 g butter

– 1 egg
– flax seeds

Level of difficulty: moderate

Time for preparing: just over an hour

The sequence of our actions:

I can safely assume that such a beautiful and interesting pastry will be incredibly tasty and in demand, if you prepare it from any dough. I also wanted to make these patties soft and lush, therefore I decided to use in this case yeast dough.

At first I combined sugar and dry yeast, added warm water and waited until this mixture came to life.

During this time I managed to peel the potatoes, add water and put it to boil.

Now, gradually adding the remaining ingredients (yogurt, softened butter, beaten egg, a pinch of salt and sifted flour), knead the soft elastic dough.

I confess that I didn’t have to put the dough for proofing – until I had already converted potatoes into mashed potatoes and filled with butter, my dough was growing before my eyes, and I decided to immediately start making pies.

For this, I once again crushed it, divided it into six equal parts and rolled it on flat cakes.

In the center of each tortilla it is necessary to lay out a tablespoon of filling (in this case, already slightly cooled potato puree) and to make a solid edge.

Now slightly roll this ball into a lozenge again and make small cuts in a circle – such are the petals, not reaching the center.

Now we have these petals formed, we boldly turn 90 degrees in a circle, and preferably in one direction.

We spread our pies, flowers on a baking sheet, grease with a beaten egg, and decorate the middle part with flax seeds.

I baked my flower patties for about half an hour at about 180 degrees.

As soon as I had time to photograph them, the pies dispersed instantly. The next time you need to do a double portion.

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