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Potato escalope, recipes with photos

Dishes from potatoes in our family are very popular. They are nourishing, and crunch when needed, and when it is cheese and creamy, as in today’s recipe.

Potato escalope is a potato seen in a milky cream sauce with a lot of cheese.

I learned the recipe of this dish recently, but he managed to catch the fancy of my relatives. It is a lot of pluses: it is tasty, nourishing, quickly, budgetary, when it is necessary – it is festive.

Go to the products that need to stock up to cook potato escalopes at the rate of 3-4 servings:

Cooking time doesn’t need much – 40-50 minutes.

For this dish, a baking dish is needed as the escalopes are cooked in the oven. I wash my potatoes, brush them, cut them into rings right into shape. Lubricate the form does not need to pre. Potato salt, sprinkle with spices.

The next layer I put the cheese, pre-grated on a coarse grater.

Cheese again, close the potato layer, which is again the salt.

And now proceed to the creamy milk station. On a preheated pan put a piece of butter.

When it is melted, I pour in flour and stir it. I keep in a pan until golden brown.

Then slowly pour in the milk, stir it to make a homogeneous sauce. Boil it for 3-4 minutes.

I pour potatoes with it, I always sprinkle it with aromatic herbs, I like French, and send it to the oven for 30 minutes.

I know that other housewives are still rubbing potatoes with cheese on top, but I do not do that. Often the cheese burns out, and the potatoes are still raw. I’d rather cheeses in the middle more soda.

For dressing I make a sauce of sour cream, herbs and garlic, passed through a press.

Potatoes are ready, I water it with sauce, I serve it hot!

Enjoy your meal! I hope you enjoy my potato escalopes!

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