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Vegetable pizza, recipes with photos

It is easiest to bake vegetable pizza, in which you do not need to add meat ingredients (sausage, chicken, etc.). This bonus for the figures will not be able to miss those who follow their kilograms and wants to eat less calories. I do not want to say that such a pizza will help to lose weight, but agree that with the addition of meat, it would become much richer in fats.

Vegetable pizza may well be called a pie in Russian traditions, but there are still differences, so let’s try to bake Italian pizza in Russian traditions and from familiar ingredients.

For the preparation of vegetable pizza are necessary such products:
1) For yeast dough:

    2) For the filling:
    – 3 potatoes
    – 1 carrot
    – 2-3 onions
    – a few slices of canned zucchini (fresh tomatoes)
    – 2 eggs
    – 4-5 tbsp. sour cream (kefir or yogurt)
    – 2-3 spoons of ketchup
    – 50-100 g of hard cheese
    – salt and black pepper to taste
    – dry basil and oregano
    – cooking oil for frying

    Time for preparing: 2.5 hours
    Degree of difficulty: pretty easy

    Yeast dough, I hope you have already learned how to bake. Too much has been said about its preparation by me and other Alimero girls, so choose any method of preparation from the above products and do not forget to knead the dough thoroughly so that it is porous and tasty.

    More dwell on the preparation of the filling. For her, clean the onion and cut it into cubes. We send onions to roast in a frying pan in vegetable oil.

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