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Pizza with ham, tomatoes and olives, recipes with photos

Pizza in my family is loved by everyone, and I bake it quite often. However, I probably haven’t had two identical pizzas yet. It seems to me that this is a dish that does not need strict recommendations and proportions.

Sometimes I have the desire to get away from the usual cooking. Today, I have a lot of time and mess around at the stove, as is often the case, there was no time, and frankly, I didn’t really want to. For this reason, I opted for pizza.

In this recipe, everything is quite simple, but at the same time, according to the rules of traditional pizza. The basis is surely necessary, sauce is also necessary, so that the dough is not dry, any stuffing at the discretion of the hostess, which, as always in pizza, completes the cheese. Yes, in principle, as we have repeatedly said on the pages of Alimero: Pizza is impossible to spoil anything. Therefore, do not be afraid to spoil it, since you cannot do this. It will still be delicious.

Degree of difficulty – average.

Time for preparing – 1 hour 20 minutes.


Flour – 1 cup
Dry yeast – 1 bag
Egg – 1 pc.
Salt – Pinch
Ham – 300 grams
Tomatoes – 3 pcs.
Onions – 1 pc.
Olives – 1 pack
Cheese – 200 grams
Garlic – 5 cloves

Yeast dough, you can use any (I have a classic dough on the water). To make it yeast, cover it with warm water and let it rise.

In salt, put salt, egg and pour water with yeast.

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