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Pie with sour cream, recipes with photos

Yesterday I was preparing an amazing cake with sour cream, and today I want to share his recipe with you. It all started out quite banal – there was a glass of sour cream in the fridge, which had to be attached somewhere.

At the same time, I wanted to bake sweets for dinner. So I was looking for a recipe that would satisfy my needs. I did not want to go to the store for additional products, but I had half a pack of butter, sugar, flour, starch, and, of course, the already mentioned glass of sour cream.

Outside the window on the branches slept cherries, so I wanted to use them too. From all these products turned out wonderful and gentle cake.

To make a cake with sour cream you need the following products:

    To fill:
    – 1 cup sour cream
    – 4 tbsp. Sahara
    – 1.5 tbsp. starch
    – 1.5 tbsp. flour

    Pastry dough will prepare unsweetened shortbread simplified, as I call it.

    To do this, sift the flour through a sieve onto the board.

    The dough is sent to the fridge for 30 minutes.

    Meanwhile, remove the bones from the cherries.

    After that we knead it in the form and thus we wish the form with sides for pouring the cake.

    We distribute cherries on the surface of the dough.

    Cooking Fill

    To do this, mix in the tank flour,

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