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Pie with meat and potatoes, recipes with photos

This pie is one of my all-time favorite savory pies. The filling combines three components that I adore – meat, potatoes and onions. And the dough is very tasty and thin.

This cake is a separate dish. For me personally, this is a full-fledged lunch or dinner, since I am not used to eating like in Soviet canteens – the first, second and compote with a bun =) I need only one thing.

As practice shows, for the male body, it is no less satisfying. And especially lovers of baking and meat will appreciate it. Here it is two in one.

To prepare the dough you need:

Combine mayonnaise with sour cream. Mayo I have been taking Sloboda firms for the last two years, I like it more than others. And this time the sour cream was used by the store, with fat content of 20%.

Mix mayonnaise and sour cream. Add eggs and salt.

Beat up. Add one glass of sifted flour.

Beat, add starch.

And then soda and squeeze the juice from a slice of lemon.

Add a second cup of flour and beat the dough thoroughly until smooth.

The dough should not be steep, but watery.

Ingredients for the filling:

– ground black pepper

Meat cut into small cubes. Meat for filling this cake, you can take any. I cook it with my favorite young pork.

Peel potatoes and cut into small cubes too.

Cut and add onions. Salt, pepper, mix well.

In a greased baking tray, pour about half of the dough.

Put cooked stuffing on top of it.

Top pour the remaining dough, smooth out.

Bake the cake at 180’C for about an hour, browning to taste.

Carefully lay out the pie on the dish.

And now you can cut it into pieces and enjoy the taste of this wonderful cake!

Do you bake meat pies?

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Julia, often bake pies like yours! With the only difference that I turn the meat into stuffing, and not cut it into pieces. Moreover, I put the potatoes in thin slices on the dough rolled out and laid on a baking sheet in the first layer, and then – the mince with finely chopped onions and margarine slices. So grandmother taught me.
And in the preparation of the dough, there is also a certain difference in ingredients and consistency.

I will use your recipe with pleasure. Judging by the photo (new camera shot?) The cake turns out to be tender, fluffy, rosy. And I just love these! Thank you, Julia, for the beauty and taste!

Julia, my dough is soft, smooth, elastic, but not liquid! I try to roll it very thinly, then put it on a baking sheet and distribute the products mentioned above. I close the pie on top and pinch it. When it is reddened, I smear it with mayonnaise, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and send it back to the oven for six minutes.
I like to eat a freshly baked pie with milk, and cooled down – with tea. Try to cook – very tasty!

I really want to see pictures from the new camera!

I’ll try sometime! I liked the idea of ​​smearing with mayonnaise and sprinkling with breadcrumbs))

Be sure to soon! =) True, I click while choosing functions intuitively. Now there is absolutely no time to read the instructions. I plan in 1.5-2 weeks to do this closely))

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