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Liver pie in a slow cooker, recipes with photos

My slow cooker can bake pies – it was a pleasant discovery for me. But the cake is a universal dish that can replace the bread on the table, be an addition to the first dishes and can even be the main dish.

And a piece of cake can be a great snack for a student. The main condition for this is to guess with the filling. But there are no problems with this – this list is too rich.

So today I decided to bake a liver pie in a slow cooker. And the recipe was found for this very easy and interesting. I decided to try and share this novelty with you.

To make a cake with a liver in a slow cooker, you need the following products:

    The remaining dough is spread in an even layer into the multicooker bowl.

    We include the cartoon on the Baking program. Cooking time 1 hour.

    After the beep, you can leave the cake for 10 minutes to steam in the multi-cooker off.

    Take out the cake with a basket. Serve the cake in a warm or cold form.

    The cake is very satisfying and extremely tasty. Enjoy your meal!

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