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Cherry pie, recipes with photos

In my garden ripe cherries. I love their aroma and taste. And I love children to make compotes and pies out of it. I want to share one of my favorite and rather uncomplicated cakes with you, lovely girls.

As you already understood, cherries will be the basis of our pie. We pre-wash them and get rid of the bones.

The cake will be cooked on sour cream and milk. If there is kefir, it can also be an excellent filler. And everything else – the usual set for good home baking. So:

Take the following products:

Baking cake in the bread maker – 1 hour, in the oven – 40 minutes.

The difficulty is very easy.

I like cherries in its structure more than cherries. This is my subjective opinion, so please do not judge. I try to use it in a season as often as possible.

Release cherries from the bones. For this recipe, a glass of sweet cherries or a little less will be enough for us. Sprinkle it with some sugar and leave aside.

Go to the test. To do this, break 2 eggs, beat them with sugar.

Add milk and sour cream to whipped mass. Pour soda and vanilla sugar here. Beat with a whisk or mixer.

And before you knead the dough, enter the melted fat.

Just a few spoons of flour and dough is ready!

In the ready batter add cherry. Sew and lay out in a baking dish. In the bread maker, such a cake should spend at least an hour, and in the oven 40 minutes is enough for readiness.

After removing the cake after baking, let it cool slightly.

The only disadvantage of this cake, I would call the fact that the cherry has the property to give a blue dough. But this does not affect the taste, believe me!

We put cold compote on the table, cut the cake and enjoy a pleasant evening!

Good appetite!

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