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Cake with rhubarb and pumpkin in a pan, recipes with photos

I harvested a second rhubarb crop. The leaves have grown an incredible size, and the stems turned out juicy and very sour. I decided to use them for filling a quick pie in a pan.

Rhubarb is very vitamin and chefs love it. From it you can make marmalade, compotes, caramel, jam. Rhubarb is used in meat dishes, and even in soups. Rhubarb first pleases mistresses in the spring, when the greens only hatch after winter. But in the fall, you can harvest a second crop, pruning all the leaves in the spring, giving rhubarb leaves the opportunity to germinate a second time.

I also added some baked pumpkin to the filling. Now this vegetable settled in my kitchen. I start my day by throwing a couple of fresh pumpkin pieces into the oven. Therefore, I am not deprived of baked pumpkin.

Pastry dough made yeast, but did not suit him, hence cooking time – 30 minutes. Recipe difficulty – easy.

For the recipe I took these products at the rate of 2 cakes:

For the test you need:

– rhubarb – 4-5 stems
– sugar – 3-4 tbsp.
– a few pieces of baked pumpkin

From the above products kneaded dough. Separately, even the brew did not cook. Mixed all the ingredients and put it in a warm place to calm down a bit. In the meantime, took up stuffing. It was she who took me most of the time.

Immediately washed and prepared rhubarb stalks.

I cleaned them and cut into small cubes.

Rhubarb sent to the pan and covered with sugar. On a slow fire, it caramelized. It turned out very fragrant, sweet and sour. The taste was reminiscent of apple marmalade.

When the rhubarb was ready (and this is about 5-7 minutes), immediately proceeded to the formation of the pie. The dough is divided into 2 parts. She took half and hands it rolled into the reservoir. Even if it is not even work, it is not so important.

Laid on the dough rhubarb and pieces of pumpkin.

She rolled the dough into a roll and wrapped it in a snail.

Then gently top rolled a snail with a rolling pin.

Put it in the pan, fry in vegetable oil on both sides on low heat, so that the cake had time to fry completely.

Served on the table with tea, powdered cake with powdered sugar.

Good appetite!

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