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Apple pie recipe with photos, recipes with photos

Yesterday I was cooking vegetable pizza, which with all its appearance reminded me of a delicious cake, so today I could not resist and cooked a sweet apple pie. I hasten to share a recipe!

After moving to another city 3 years ago, we were not strangers here, since the father’s husband and his younger brother lived with his family here for a long time. Father-in-law always treated us well, so we were glad to see him at a party.

Especially this arrival rejoices Nazar. For him, a grandfather who permits more than mom and dad is always a lot of joy, happiness and laughter. A grandfather and happy to tinker with his grandson, help with the housework and try new goodies, which I experiment.

He gave me my assistant a bread machine, the recipes for which I constantly share with you. He, as you see, took part in this undertaking.

For him, today I was preparing an apple pie, which you can cook for your loved ones and loved ones.

To prepare it you need the following products:

    For filling:
    – 2 large or 3-4 medium apples
    – 3-4 tbsp. Sahara
    – 2 tbsp. honey
    – 4 tbsp. pumpkin seeds

    Time for preparing: about 3 hours
    Degree of difficulty: easy

    Prepare yeast dough from milk, butter, sugar, salt, vanilla sugar, flour and yeast. Knead the soft plastic dough and leave it to rise twice in a warm place (about 1.5 hours).

    From a smaller piece of dough we make small roses and place them on the cake. In detail about the manufacture of these flowers, I told in the topic of Rosette Buns.

    The final stage of cooking – sprinkle pumpkin seed cake.

    We send a baking tray with a cake in the oven and bake until tender at 170 degrees.

    During this time, slices of apples will make juice and it will mix with sugar and honey, the dough will become fluffy and porous, and pumpkin seeds will roast and acquire the aroma and taste for which we love them so much.

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