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Pasta with vegetables, recipes with photos

Vegetables … How I love summer and the beginning of autumn precisely for fruit and vegetable abundance! Therefore, vegetables on our table are not only in the form of salads. Almost all the main dishes I cook with their addition.

Today I want to share with you a delicious recipe for pasta with vegetables. On my own pasta, I really do not really like it. But if you cook them as something unusual, then they turn out to be very tasty.

Complexity – nothing complicated.

Cooking time – about half an hour.

Caloric content – 126 kcal / 100 g

For cooking pasta with vegetables I needed the following products:

    While she boils, I started cooking vegetables.

    The first of the vegetables I sliced ​​eggplant.
    She put it in a bowl, sprinkled with salt and left for 10 minutes to the glass bitterness.

    Squashes also cut, and also sent to the pan.
    When the water began to boil, I salted the water and boiled the pasta until ready.

    Eggplant washed and added to other vegetables.

    Fried on medium heat so that the vegetables do not spread. Salted, peppered, added bay leaf and chopped garlic.

    Laid on the plate ready pasta, on top – vegetables. Sprinkled with greens.
    Such macaroons are not only tasty, but also pleasant to look at them – such a multi-colored kaleidoscope.

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