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Pasta with stew in a slow cooker is quick, simple and tasty, recipes with photos

Eh, Maslenitsa hosts everywhere, and not only in squares and parks. In our kitchens, there are recipes for delicious dishes of butter week. However, hard physical labor, as, alas, the disease, has not been canceled. And anyone who is allowed to eat meat in Maslenoy week can try pasta with canned meat. Do not allow the principles? Prepare a tasty dish after fasting, taking the trouble of it.

I must say that I give a simplified version of cooking pasta with stew. And you make your life easier by not washing the pasta, without frying anything separately and then without washing a lot of dishes! After all, will cook multicooker.

The main thing you need is a good quality pasta and stew. If you have a bank in the bank of this product, a tasty and fast dinner, breakfast or lunch is provided.

Time for preparing: 40 minutes

Complexity: well, unless everything is cooked, i.e. everything is simple and fast


No, we will not start with water, how we do it when we need to make delicious macaroni. Let’s start with vegetables. So, clean and wash the onion, cut into rings, half rings or in another format that you like best.

And we need carrots here, as in the case when it is necessary to cook pasta with canned meat in a naval manner, for example. I have a grater for cutting vegetables in Korean. I nastrogala such straws.
And the celery here will have to by the way. After all, it goes both as a chic taste accent and as a designer. In a word, we sharpen fine straws. By the way, now you can put a kettle with water – let it boil. And we will continue.

If there is fat in the jar with stew, we will separate it and send it to the multicooker bowl. It should be enough. If not enough, add vegetable oil or butter add. Let’s send here all vegetable cutting. Turn on Cooking mode.

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