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Pasta with minced meat and vegetables, recipes with photos

This dish is one of the attendants in my kitchen. My family was always glad if I cooked pasta in a nautical way. But earlier I did not dare to do experiments, I prepared strictly according to the recipes. And now, from the height of my years and experience, I have the right! And in general, as life has shown, everything that happens to us edible in the refrigerator can be combined with this dish. More precisely, with pasta and meat.

It is clear that every time I cook in different ways. I either grind raw mince, and then overcook with something, or use boiled ingredients. And what kind of varieties have I tried. But the most beloved is beef. Therefore, when I found beef in the freezer, I did not fail to take advantage of this circumstance.

In the end, I got two dishes – the first and second. After all, the broth in which macaroni and beef were cooked went to borscht!

Well, I will add. Cooked on one. And it turned out for two!

Time for preparing: if you cook beef, then an hour and a half or two; if the meat is ready or cooked in parallel with cutting in a pressure cooker, then forty minutes will be enough

Complexity: average, because it is necessary and cook, and fry, and cut, etc.

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