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Pasta with canned meat and onions in a pan, recipes with photos

You do not know how to cook pasta, more precisely, what of them can be cooked? Anything! But you, besides a can of canned meat, have almost nothing else … It doesn’t matter. From these ingredients you get a tasty and satisfying dish that is easy to cook.

When irreplaceable pasta with stew? In those moments when it is necessary to feed hungry people urgently and satisfyingly. And this happens, as a rule, somewhere outside the home, i.e. at the cottage, on a hike or just on a small sortie.

The recipe for cooking pasta with stew, plus everything, is extremely simple. But in order to succeed, as it should be, despite the hiking conditions, you need to listen to several tips.

By the way, do not confuse pasta in a naval manner with this recipe for cooking pasta. In the first case, you need 5 or more components, and in ours – 2 or three. That is, you can simply cook the pasta and, drain the water, mix with the stew. But the dish can be made tastier!

Time for preparing: 20-25 minutes

Complexity: everything is very simple


What pasta to take for our dish? Those that you now have on the shelf. That is, bows or shells, noodles, etc. will go. Of course, it is advisable to choose those that are made from durum wheat. Firstly, it is useful, and secondly, they usually do not need washing with cold water. And so, we measure the right amount.

Immediately put the pan with water. If you are at home, this is a stove, and in nature – a campfire or some kind of handy tool.

While it is boiling, let’s make an onion. What format? And in that which everyone for whom you are trying now accepts.
Cook the pasta according to the instructions, because one at all will not do. But note that in any case, water should be no less than a liter for every 100 g of products. As soon as the water starts to boil, we will salt it and send the pasta to boil.

The next character is a stew. Are you thinking now – and which one is more suitable – pork, beef or mutton? Any will, just to be on hand and marked with GOST. Open the jar, browse – if there are bones.

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