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Pasta with calamari in white wine sauce, recipes with photos

Once, I was surfing an instagram, and I liked one profile. A professional chef with unruly bangs, a wave of curls and a neat beard published such photos of various foods that I saluted. Everything about him is so roasted, shining with barrels, meat with rozovinka, fish with a crisp crust, then the pastes are delicate, then cheese stretches and twists, the greens bristle with fresh green leaves. I once talked with him, and he offered me a game, they say, name three ingredients, I’ll give you a recipe.

Well so! Easy peasy. Easy, as my son says. My son loves squid and pasta. Here are 2 ingredients. And the cook prepared and posted a photo. I drooped and cooked. And so.

Yes. It should be borne in mind that his dish looked every time 45 more appetizing. I think he has a street grill, because his squids were fat and striped from the grill. And yes, we must bear in mind that he writes me in Portuguese or in Spanish, and I write him in English, so if you think about it, there is no guarantee that our mutual understanding with him is not the fruit of our fantasies. However, the conditional language barrier cannot divide adventure seekers interested in their work, so we will assume that this is his recipe in my modest performance. I was preparing for the photo. Yes. There was no copying. The recipe sounded like this: Lo prometido es dude, ubo una persona me cedio mi version de mi spaghetti con kalambres para su iho de 4 anos. And a breathtaking picture.

Time for preparing: 20 minutes

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