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Pasta with calamari in a creamy sauce, recipes with photos

The simplest and most delicious Italian-style creamy pasta sauce – here it is. It goes well with anything, but in my family the palm dominates squid. Spaghetti or linguine with squid is such a minimalistic monochrome dinner from which my boys fall into ecstasy. The perfect pasta.

It all started with Izzy and Uncle Richard. Before them, my child didn’t really understand what squid is and why everyone goes crazy about pasta. I ate my baby borsch, pumpkin soup, ate meat, cereal there, mashed potatoes and fish. And then suddenly on you – what a luxury! Once I went on Very Important Things and left a cub with an uncle. Say: Reduce while feed him, perhaps, in a restaurant. Yes, my lady, ”said my uncle, and fed the child with a huge bowl of pasta and butter. My child could not breathe and grunted with pleasure for another day. Now at the word macaroni, it blooms like a happy sunflower.

And then we went to visit Ize. Izya lives in a private house, he has a terrace and a grill. Izzy conjures over the grill, like a kite above the mouse. That evening, Izya made five kilograms of squids, one and a half of which my child ate. Then I walked for a day, like that mouse, with a ball on my hind legs, and now a fan.

Therefore, if I hint that we have pasta for dinner, then the child is dancing the jigu-jig. And if with squid, that’s all. At home, a happy and completely silk exemplary boy.

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