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Zucchini fritters with cottage cheese, recipes with photos

I love cottage cheese and everything that can be made from it. And I love zucchini, and all zucchini dishes.

Today I thought that you need to make pancakes. But what – from the curd? Or from the zucchini?

In thought, I opened the fridge and … It turned out that I had only one zucchini, and that one was not very big, so there would be 5-6 pieces of pancakes made from it. Not much. Then cheesecakes? But the curd, too, was not found very much – about 200 g. Yeah, not much for cheesecakes, which means they are also canceled. That’s bad luck, I’m already tuned in to the cheesecake;)

Well, if so, then I will make squash pancakes with cottage cheese. Resolved! I just do not give up;)

Difficulty – easy

Cooking time – 45 minutes

For the preparation of zucchini pancakes with cottage cheese you will need the following products:

    Slightly salted and left for 5 minutes. Then squeezed out excess liquid.

    Cheese grated on a fine grater and added to the zucchini.

    I hammered the testicle. And mixed up again.

    Wet hands blinded small cheesecake. She rolled in oatmeal – I really like oatmeal breading.
    Grilled them as usual – on both sides in vegetable oil.
    That’s all, cottage cheese and squash pancakes in oatmeal breading are ready!
    They are very tasty as hot and already cooled. And go great with vegetables and soup, and even coffee.

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