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Unusual pancakes with apples, recipes with photos

I recently saw in one of the communities dedicated to a healthy lifestyle a recipe for an unusual dish – pancakes with fruits. I really liked the idea, and I decided to repeat it.

These pancakes were interesting to me because they are made with a sweet and fried dish, and not too high in calories, since most of them are various fruits. There is an opportunity to pamper taste buds, and to keep harmony. Yes, plus vitamins to be enriched. What you need!

From fruit, I had only apples. I love them very much, and they are always in my house. I decided to make pancakes with apples.

The recipe itself is pretty simple. The most laborious in the whole cooking process is to peel the apples.

Fritters are very fragrant, juicy and tasty. And also beautiful, and original, especially if you know that inside is an apple ring. I personally am delighted with the result! I hasten to share the recipe with you, dear readers of Alimero.

The difficulty of cooking: easy

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Ingredients for 10-15 pancakes:

We clean out the middle. If you have a special device for cleaning the apple slides, the cleaning and cutting procedure can be swapped.

Now prepare the dough. Mix in a bowl with high sides milk, flour, sugar and egg. I did this with a mixer for a minute.
Thus, we have dough and apple rings.
Take each ring and dip in the dough.

Put on a preheated pan with a gram of vegetable oil.
Fry on medium heat for 1-2 minutes on each side.
During this time, the apples in the dough have time to become soft. A sweet dough favorably emphasizes their natural sourness.
Enjoy your meal!

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