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Pangasius Fritters, recipes with photos

Today I have a new recipe for you – fish pancakes from pangasius. A few days ago I already told you that an overseas miracle was brought to our store – briquettes of frozen pangasius. The last time, I baked this fish with ice cubes in the oven with vegetables, and today I decided to defrost the briquettes and make pancakes with fish pieces.

Pancakes turned out so delicious that I can not pass. My son ate them a few pieces (for us it is a holiday, as problems with appetite) and also asked, but due to the fact that the pancakes are fatty, I decided to leave for him for later.

Such pancakes can replace fish cakes for porridge, which is very convenient, as they prepare quickly.

From the same ingredients, adding a little more flour, you can make a fish pie, but I like fritters more.

The following products are needed to make pangasius fish pancakes:

    Meanwhile, peel the onions from the husks, wash them and cut them into cubes. Add onions to the fish.

    In the fish we add kefir, baking soda, semolina and flour.

    Knead the dough (like pancakes) and fry small circles in the pan, after having lubricated the pan with a small amount of vegetable oil.

    We eat fish pancakes while they are fresh and warm, and if they are cold, you can always heat up this tasty dish, since I like the cold fritters very much.

    Tip: these pancakes can be cooked from any fish you love!

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