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Oatmeal Fritters, recipes with photos

I am already used to sharing with you delicious proven recipes that I cook. My relatives are my first tasters and critics. If the dish passes the first stage of evaluation, then it falls into the Recipes section with a photo on Alimero.

The following evaluators of my experiments are you – my dear readers. You don’t always like my recipes, but it’s nice that there are only a few of them. You accept other dishes (and there are already very, very many) well and cook for your relatives, which gives me an incentive to share new ways of cooking everyday and festive dishes.

Today’s recipe you will not cook for the holidays, but for breakfast on weekdays is the very thing. I suggest you see the process of making oatmeal pancakes.

I already shared with you a recipe for Fritters with cornflakes. Now we slightly modify the cooking method and practically replace the flour with healthy oatmeal.

In order to bake a portion of oatmeal pancakes, the following products are needed:

    and baking soda, which is quenched with vinegar or citric acid.

    Knead soft dough like thick sour cream.

    Fry the pancakes in a pan greased with vegetable oil from both sides until cooked.

    Serve them with sour cream or jam.

    Enjoy your meal!

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