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Oat pancakes under the lid, recipes with photos

I have a solid savings today! Because it was dietary meals. Cooked first gorgeous oatmeal kissel. While enjoying this breakfast, she reasoned – to throw away the husks from oatmeal kissel or somehow use them. And still came up with.

I heard somewhere that from a fermented and squeezed mass obtained after cooking oatmeal jelly, you can make luxurious pastries, including delicious pancakes.

Without thinking, I took up this simple work. In the process, I was glad that there were smart people who invented this simple recipe for making oatmeal. After all, cooking them is a real pleasure in terms of simplicity, speed, minimum components and, of course, excellent taste.

Fritters, preserved and sour, and a specific flavor of oatmeal, you can eat hot, and lukewarm, and cooled. Water them what you want. It can be jam, honey, sour cream, and other traditional dietary pancake supplements.

In the recipe everything, as in the original borrowed recipe. But I cooked from half the amount.

Time for preparing: 20 minutes

Complexity: everything is super simple


Leave this thick mass (squeeze from oatmeal) into a bowl.

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