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Fritters on kefir with raspberries, recipes with photos

I suggest today, dear ones, to forget that January is outside the window and to recall the summer. How? Very simple – bake pancakes with raspberries, and taste the taste of summer 🙂
In the summer season I always try to stock up on fruits and vegetables. Fortunately, modern freezers allow you to save the gifts of summer without much change. And in the cold season, oh, they come in handy!

This year we had a big harvest of raspberries, and several packages even managed to freeze. Now they came in very handy. So if you have a little bit of zhmenka in this freezer in your freezer, let’s cook some tasty summer flavored pancakes 🙂

Difficulty – Easy

Cooking time – 30 minutes

To make pancakes with raspberries you need the following products:

    I took out the raspberries from the freezer in advance so that it would freeze at room temperature.

    Kefir I warmed a little so that he could pay off the soda. In cold kefir, as you know, there will be no reaction.

    So, I added soda, sugar, eggs, vanilla, vegetable oil and a pinch of salt to kefir. Well whisk whisk.

    They turn out very tasty – with a clear raspberry flavor. And with a cup of hot tea, in the evening in the warm kitchen, along with your loved one – here it is happiness! Well, let a snowstorm rage outside the window – we have summertime today!

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