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Cottage cheese and cheese fritters, recipes with photos

For breakfast, my daughter and I sometimes eat scrambled eggs. This dish was my favorite as a child and my daughter took it from me. I just loved the omelets that were made in school and kindergarten. I can not do this, unfortunately.

In the first place we have, of course, milk porridge. Sometimes I cook cheese cakes or pancakes with apples.

In my fridge, the cottage cheese that I wanted to use to make a casserole was lonely bored. But having remembered that my daughter does not love cottage cheese and perceives it only in the form of lazy dumplings, and sometimes casseroles, I decided to invent something new and tasty. Despite the fact that I woke up quite recently, my imagination broke out.

My mother and grandmother made delicious and tender pancakes, the aroma of which I still remember. As my culinary growth progressed, I learned how to cook the same flavorful pancakes.

Fritters in our house always go with a bang, everything eats almost immediately after frying. Therefore, I suggest you a simple and easy way to make homemade pancakes with cheese and curd.

What is required:

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