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Cauliflower Fritters, recipes with photos

I love cauliflower very much. And so now, in the season of this vegetable, I cook with it almost all the dishes.

And today I cooked delicious and tender pancakes. They are done quickly and easily. Flour is used very little, so they can be safely called vegetable.

In addition, such pancakes can be eaten both independently and with a plate of soup or a vegetable salad. And you can put a piece of tomato and cheese on top, and thus make a very tasty snack.

So, for the preparation of cabbage pancakes need the following products:

    Complexity is just

    Cooking time – half an hour

    Caloric content – 240 kcal / 100 g

    Short cooking version:

      Cooking process

      We put the pot on the fire. Bring water to a boil. We salt.

      We sort the cabbage into inflorescences and literally 5 minutes later we put it in boiling water. Digest cabbage is not necessary.

      We take out inflorescences, cool and cut into pieces or cubes.*

      *In principle, the cabbage can be crushed in a meat grinder. But I like cauliflower in pancakes precisely cut into small pieces – so its taste is more saturated. In addition, if you pass it through a meat grinder, then you need to add a little more flour, because the cabbage will make juice.

      Cheese let on terochku.

      Put the dough on a hot frying pan with a spoon. Fry as usual – until an appetizing crust on both sides.

      So ready pancakes.

      They are delicious in any form – both hot and cold. But I still like hot, just from the heat of the heat. In addition, the melted cheese, which is in the composition of the fritters, gives a special flavor.

      Wish you enjoy your meal!

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