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Cabbage pancakes, recipes with photos

Pancake week is not necessarily some pancakes. My relatives, for example, are very fond of pancakes, so last week I indulged my husband with my daughter with such goodies)

Dear forum members! If you have ever thought about how to diversify the taste of homemade pancakes, then here’s a ready-made solution for you – lettuce!

Time for preparing: 50 min – 1 h 20 min. (time largely depends on the size of the pan and how much fritters will fit on it in one batch)

Ingredients for pancakes:

First, prepare everything as usual for pancakes. Beat the testicles. Add salt and black pepper. Our fritters are unsweetened, so sugar is useless here. But for those who do not eat without it, you can put one or two tablespoons.

Stir and add flour optional. We look, that the consistence was as on usual pancakes.

Add a little soda and carefully mix everything now.

Give the dough to stand for 10-15 minutes.

During this time, just go with the salad cabbage. By the way, you can take the usual. The difference will be noticeable only to those who love the salad and not the white one. We take the lower part, more solid, which is less good in salads.

Cut it into pieces.

Then grind. This can be done with a knife, grater, chopper, as you like.

Let in this dough.

Put it on the pan with boiling oil with a big spoon.

Fry on each side for three minutes, five. We try the first batch of pancakes and, if necessary, add saliva – on top already in the pan or again in the dough.

We call our husbands and children to eat this tastiness.

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