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Young potatoes with mushrooms, recipes with photos

I want to confess to you that yesterday for dinner we had a very well-not-typical-for-June meal – fried young potatoes with porcini mushrooms.

The potato is very typical for the beginning of summer, but it is rarely possible to cook it with fresh forest mushrooms. Well, we succeeded – the mushroom season in our area is in full swing!

And my husband yesterday, returning from a business trip and driving past a forest belt, decided to stop for a second and look with one eye. As a result, I brought these two beauties to me as a gift.

This year I already namorozil mushrooms, and annoy, but fresh somehow never cooked. So it was decided to fry them right away, and not just like that, but with young potatoes and garlic.

So, the list of all necessary:

The complexity of the recipe: everything is very, very simple

Time for preparing: about half an hour

The course of the proposed actions:

I started with mushrooms – I thoroughly washed them, slightly peeled and diced them.

Then threw in boiling water and boiled it for 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, thoroughly washed the young potatoes and just cut it into 4 pieces.

Then laid out in a pan with hot butter.

I washed the mushrooms, carefully decanting all the liquid and sent it to the potatoes. All mixed up and covered with a lid. So everything was prepared for 15 minutes with regular stirring.

When the potato was almost ready (and it is cooked very quickly) I added a few chopped cloves of young garlic, salt and pepper.

Then chopped dill and also sent it to the pan. Everything mixed up and turned off the fire.

Of course, this dish is not for every day, but now and then, occasionally you can eat such yummy not only, but also you need it! For true gastronomic pleasure.

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