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Young potatoes with bacon and mushrooms, recipes with photos

As soon as summer ends, and I’m already waiting for this beautiful moment … Literally just a little bit, and the new potatoes will appear in wide access. Well, how can you not buy it – one memory of it, cooked with garlic and dill, fried or boiled, and the hand reaches for the wallet.

But not only you can boil it in uniforms. If you prepare properly, fried young potatoes do not compare with anything! I know that everyone has their own recipe. But I like to bring something like that into existing recipes. Not done this time. In addition to traditional dishes, I cooked and not quite ordinary, with a secret – about him at the end …

Time for preparing: it all depends on the method of cooking; so, it is necessary to boil potatoes, given the size – small and razvararyy variety cook 5-7 minutes, and older and larger potatoes – longer

Complexity: almost no!

You can make more than one dish from the available amount of potatoes. But first, let’s wash the potatoes and distribute it by type of preparation.

As you guessed, and frying, and cooking can be combined. First, we will select small fruits. Salted water, cook (in the skin, it is gentle!). In the meantime, it is boiled, we set all the tasty items on it – I had garlic and greens (we do not regret it!), I sprinkled it all with lemon juice.

While the court case, we will clean the potatoes and cut into strips. For frying. By the way, it should be well wet before frying.

While the oil is heated in a pan, sprinkle the garlic-lemon-green mixture with boiled (it could be in the skin and fry) potatoes.

Roasted new potatoes require sacrifice. If you are not afraid to get better, fry boldly over high heat and in a large amount of oil. Spice it all up with your favorite spices.

But what about without mushrooms? This marvelous combination is a potato with mushrooms. Therefore, we first chop the mushrooms (the potatoes are already cut into strips). Turn on the gas and warm the pan.

While it is warming, we will cut the lard (yes, this is the very ingredient that makes such potatoes unusual) into thin slices so that it will crunch after frying.

Put the fat on the pan.
Then we will cut onions.

And then send the onions, potatoes and mushrooms in hot oil. Fry and serve. I know that like it!

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