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Meatloaf with mushrooms in puff pastry, recipes with photos

There are dramatic changes in our family. In a couple of weeks we will move not only to a new apartment, but also to another city. Well, and as it should, we need to housewarming! Relatives and friends will gather. I want to please them with delicious, original dishes. So I’m already thinking about how I’m going to surprise and make my list of treats.

It seems to me that meat roll with mushrooms, baked in puff pastry, is perfect for such a case. Cooking is quick and easy. It turns out a delicious snack that can be eaten both hot and cold.

Ingredients for cooking:

    First, prepare all the layers for the roll.

    1. We make minced meat and salt from the pork pulp (I prefer to twist the meat rather than buy ready-made minced meat, it is not known what it is made of)

    2. Mushrooms, cut into pieces, fry with onions. Lightly add some salt.

    3. Eggs for the filling cook in cool (5-7 minutes).

    4. Take a piece of puff pastry. I had 2 layers in the package, each – 250g. One is enough.

    5. Roll out the dough. Do not make it too thin, otherwise it will be difficult to roll.

    6. Dust sprinkle with grated cheese.

    7. Spread minced meat.

    8. Put the fried mushrooms.

    9. Top lay the pieces of boiled eggs and slightly we add them.

    10. Fold the roll and turn it seam down so that it does not turn.

    11. Grease the roll with egg yolk on top.

    12. Sent to the oven, preheated to 180 degrees, for 50 minutes, until golden brown.

    – Do not roll out the dough too thin.
    – note that the dough is unsalted, so salt mince as it should.
    – next time I will add smaller eggs. Put them only in the center of the roll. Although, and so it turned out very tasty.

    I hope my guests will enjoy this snack and they will be satisfied. How do you think?

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