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Marinated champignons, recipes with photos

I really like mushrooms. At this point you can put an end and immediately proceed to the description of the recipe. But I can not, I definitely need to add that most of all I love mushrooms – they come first in my ranking of the most delicious mushrooms.

Today I will cook a fast and long-standing dish in the fridge – homemade pickled champignons.

Do not misunderstand me, I also love noble white mushrooms, but because of their availability, mushrooms, after all, are out of competition. They can be fried, stewed, added to soup, paella, pasta, salads – in general, these are the most versatile mushrooms that require the processing of a minimum of effort.

Marinated champignons are simple to prepare, and, at the same time, a tasty snack that is made at home is much tastier than the one bought at the store.

Time for preparing: 20 minutes (plus 1 hour to insist)

To begin, wash the mushrooms, and, if they are large, cut into four parts.

Onions pour boiling water and leave for about five minutes. This is to ensure that bitterness comes out of the bow.

We wash the onions with cold water and while putting them aside.

We put the pan with a thick bottom on the fire and how it should be heated. Pour in the oil and heat well too. Throw the champignons in the pan. It is important to remember that the fire should be big, and the oil should be well warmed up, the mushrooms should be fried, not stewed!

When the mushrooms become golden, add onions, salt, pepper, and fry for a few more minutes.

Now came the turn of the vinegar. Trickle pour – it is important – on the side of the pan. In no case in the middle – the mushrooms should not stew. Love sharper – pour more, I poured a thin stream on a side one circle. Fry a few more minutes.

Add a little more oil – just a few spoons – and turn it off after a few minutes. We shift in deep dishes.

Sprinkle with chopped cilantro, it can, if desired, be replaced with parsley, or tarragon.

Stir and leave to cool. Mushrooms should brew at least an hour before serving, ideally a few hours.
Enjoy your meal!

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