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The fastest marinade for pork, recipes with photos

Just 10 minutes, and the marinade on the table! It is just universal. Not only fast, but simple and very effective. After all, having marinated pork on shish kebab, pork loin or other amazing dishes from this type of meat, you can start cooking it in literally 20 minutes.

Moreover, due to the ingredients involved in the recipe, meat cooked in such a marinade will be prepared much faster than with vinegar and similar marinade components for pork.

With such a simple and proven method of marinating pork, you can cook dishes from it not only in a frying pan, in a slow cooker, and so on. This may be a convection oven, and a fire, and all that you have at hand.

I will add that this amount of marinade is enough for 500 g of meat. Combine the pork with this marinade and leave for 20 minutes.

Time for preparing: just 10 minutes


At once I will make a reservation that the quantity of ingredients indicated in the recipe is conditional – much depends on the quantity of meat, on the way you want to cook it. Therefore, make a marinade with a reserve, because sometimes, for example, with kebabs or shank, baked in the oven, all this must be watered. So, I cook the marinade for shish kebab, so at first I cleaned the onion and cut it into thin rings.

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