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Spicy pork knuckle in the oven, recipes with photos

I have already shared with you the recipe of preparing pork knuckle. Then I cooked it in a honey marinade, and today I decided that the dish could be with a more pronounced taste due to the abundance of spices. It turned out fragrant, tasty and piquant.

In general, recipes for cooking pork shank, there are so many. Every time you can try a new version. I even tried to bake raw shank after three days of pickling in the marinade. It turned out delicious, but my favorite is the knuckle, which was previously boiled. It turns out less fat and more juicy. I hope this recipe and you will like it. Personally, I was pleased with him.

To cook a spicy pork knuckle in the oven, you need the following simple products:

    Time for preparing: about 3 hours and not less
    Complexity: easy

    First you need to boil the knuckle in water with the addition of salt, bay leaf and bulb. Need a fully finished knuckle. Broth is not wagged. It can be used for cooking borscht, rich soup or potatoes in a tomato.

    Ready to shank cool.

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