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Recipe for pork salad recipes with photos

Culinary art there are many centuries, and this is actually art that is not possible without creativity and fantasy. Works of culinary art, as well as works of other types of art, have always worried people who were happy to find talented compositions and delicious dishes.

We, the Alimero members, are doing just that. We fantasize, we are engaged in creative work in the field of cooking, and then we evaluate each other, discuss the best.

Of course, gastronomy should not be raised to a cult, there is no need to strive for rich and sumptuous meals of kings and sheikhs, since we eat in order to live, and not live to eat. However, with today’s hectic life, one wants to experience the pleasure of a tasty dish in a relaxed atmosphere. It always raises the mood and energy potential.

For many years in our family they cooked the same dishes. For example, for the holiday salads from year to year the same thing. Now I am constantly in search: looking for something new, untested. So today’s boiled pork salad is a great alternative to Olivier who has bored me. The recipe is not complicated at all, maybe you can’t even call it a culinary masterpiece …

To prepare you need:

Boil pork in salted water for 1 hour. Cool and cut into slices.

In a large container to mix the meat and sliced ​​fresh cucumbers.

Chop the salted cucumbers into small cubes.

Add these ingredients to the salad, grate the grated cheese in the same place.

Cook hard boiled eggs and cut them.

Add to the salad eggs and boiled potatoes, pre-cut. Mix everything with mayonnaise.

Stir the salad, if unsalted – salted.

Wish you enjoy your meal!

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