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Pork pilaf, recipes with photos

Pilau taught me to cook an acquaintance from Tashkent, and if we could buy good lamb, I think pilau could well have the proud name of Uzbek, well, and with pork it will be Uzbek in Russian.

For pilaf usually take The main ingredients in the proportion 1/1: 1 kg of meat, 1 kg of rice, 1 kg of onion, 1 kg of carrots, sunflower oil – 1.5 cups, we also need spices and additives: 2 tsp. cumin (jira), 1 each tsp barberry and red sweet pepper, 1-2 heads of garlic.

Let’s start with the preparation of ingredients. Carrots should be cut into strips of seven or eight centimeters in length and not less than 0.5 centimeters thick. Grater and smaller slices are not good, otherwise the carrot will disperse in the pilaf.

Onions cut into rings or half rings.

Meat is cut into very large cubes.

For cooking, we certainly need a cauldron or, in extreme cases, a deep wok or a pan with thick walls.

Pour oil. Ideally, you need cotton, but where are we to find it, so we take sunflower with a calm soul.

Previously, the oil was completely unrefined, and therefore foamed, it must be calcined, and then throw the onion to collect the smell and all sorts of impurities. Now I use refined oil, but I throw onions by tradition.

Usually, the stone is still fried to the top for strong ruddy, it gives color to the future float, but this time I had pitted tenderloin, so I did not add it.

The first in the cauldron is onion and roasted until a good golden color.

In general, the original ingredients that fall into the cauldron will go through two stages: first, the juice is allowed, and the oil becomes slightly cloudy, then direct roasting begins, the oil is lightened, and the vegetables or meat turn red.

When the onions are reddened, put the meat in and fry until golden brown. The whole cooking process at this stage goes on high heat.

Next, put the carrot. It can be reddened, and you can just fry until tender.

While everything is fried in us, we wash the rice thoroughly until clear water. About rice you need to say special. For pilaf, special rice is needed, durum varieties, but as a rule, it is difficult to find such here, so we choose steamed rice, it will at least not turn into a porridge. Fill the rice with water before laying it in the pilaf.

In a cauldron with roasted meat and vegetables pour water, it needs about 1.5 liters. Usually look at the level, the water above the products should be two fingers higher. As soon as the water boils, put salt and spices.

Salt needs a little more, it is necessary to salt the liquid, because rice takes a lot of salt. Rubbing Zira with your fingers or in a mortar – this is the main spice, without it pilaf is not pilaf.

Barberries and sweet red peppers are put on request, turmeric can be added. There we omit the garlic heads, which removed the topmost layer of husk, and the rest remain as it is. Now you can reduce the heat and leave it all to boil for 40 minutes.

Before laying rice garlic must be caught and set aside. We put the rice neatly in a circle, in no case mixing it, but only smoothing it on the surface with a skimmer. When all the rice is laid out, you can immerse the garlic in it and let it boil over medium heat until it almost boils away the liquid.

After that, we collect rice with a slide, make a cutting of a spoon or scoop with a few depressions to the bottom, close the rice with a plate, and close the lid to the top of the cauldron, you can even put a towel on the lid. Another ten or fifteen minutes on a small fire, and you can turn it off.

Open the lid, first take out the garlic, set aside, then gently mix the pilaf.

You can do it differently: first lay out crumbly rice, and put meat, garlic, as it is, with the head, put it upstairs – and watch how the whole honest company pulls noses towards the dish))

If you apply tomato and onion salad to the pilaf, then we can assume that the whole procedure has been followed completely … well, or almost completely.

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