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Pork pate with avocado, recipes with photos

After all, we can agree that pork is an excellent meat? Fine. This time, let’s turn it into airy pate. Pork is very easy sweetness and splendor forms. My airy pate is about that. Nobody called him, he came, well, thank God. It turned out beautiful, was entered into a notebook. We will be friends with him, fact.

Nothing foreshadowed, but my generous in all respects mother-in-law left us 6 kilograms of boiled pork with the words: Nothing, ok, eat everything! On the third day, opening the refrigerator, I buried in 3 kilograms of selected boiled boiled pork, which everyone was tired of (tell me, please! Phew, well, you!) It was necessary either to make trouble and introduce them, insolent, boiled pork intravenously, or change its shape . So pate was born.

Born – and not long lived. He certainly would not have been if it were not for Ksenia Kab and her garage hit. I then liked the idea, and now it was realized. But there were no potatoes, there was an avocado (no matter how blasphemous it sounded, I don’t even know whether to make excuses or just giggle), so I had to dance in the offered circumstances. Here the ingredients are calculated for a trial batch.

Time for preparing: 10 minutes

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