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Pork chop with mustard in batter, recipes with photos

Yesterday I took a piece of pork neck out of the freezer and thought about what to make of it. She remembered that she had not done chops for a long time. Once caught in the family of meat – meatballs yes pasta in a naval manner, tasty and love everything.

But chops decided to make in batter and with homemade mustard.

Ingredients for chops:

Ingredients for batter:

Wash thawed pork neck with water. Cut into portions.

Beat off the pieces on both sides.

Bounce again from both sides.

Lubricate homemade mustard (the recipe for its preparation can be viewed in the topic Snack. Greek canapes), also both sides. And repel again.

Leave the pieces to be beaten with mustard for half an hour.

At that time cook a batter.

Beat, adding one by one, 4 eggs.

Beat by adding mayonnaise.

And in the end add flour.

Beat until smooth without lumps.

Omit the discarded pieces in the batter.

Spread on preheated pan with vegetable oil.

Fry on both sides, covered with a lid, until tender.

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