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Pilaf with beef, recipes with photos

I have been cooking pilaf for many years, and it has always turned out great. Even my mother, having tried my pilaf, said that it was better than what she got. I know that she is an excellent craftswoman to cook, so for me her words are the best compliment. Now I decided to share with you my recipe for pilaf.

How do i do this? When you cook for your family, in a hurry you just throw all the ingredients in the pan – everything turns out amazingly tasty. But one has only to do the same dish and at the same time show special scrupulousness, prepare everything perfectly, academically verified, trying for guests, etc., then all of a sudden, the food, pans and pots seem to have their own mind, and they begin to live some kind of uncontrollable life. As a result, the dish fails.

In any case, this is what happens to me with pilau, which I cook from rice, meat, carrots, onions, and spices. This dish belongs to the Uzbek cuisine, but it seems to me that in every Russian family it is cooked. This is our traditionally favorite food.

Pilaf is absolutely delicious pieces of meat, fluffy rice and a large number of bright flavors that give onions, carrots, garlic and spices. There are a lot of spices in it that raise the taste of the dish one step higher. You can cook the pilaf ahead of time, and then just warm it up: it warms up and cools well, which is a big plus.

Time for preparing: 2 hours 20 minutes.

Level of difficulty: medium difficulty.

In order to cook pilaf, you will need the following products:

Cooking method:

First, cut the beef into pieces up to 1.5 cm thick. It all depends on how large you want to see the meat in the dish. I like medium sized pieces, that’s why I cut them.

Traditionally, lamb is used to make pilaf. But I prefer beef to taste. You can use chicken, but not chicken breast, which will turn out to be dryish.

Wet the meat with a paper towel.

What for? In order for the meat to brown (it should really turn out almost brown). If you put it to cook in a wet form, then all the protruding liquid will float in boiling oil, and the meat will be stewed, not roasted. Golden, ruddy meat will give the whole dish an amazing flavor.

I put a large pot on the fire, heated 1/3 cup of vegetable oil in a high heat in it.

You need to have enough oil so that it completely covers the entire bottom of the pan.

Add meat to the butter and fry for 10 minutes, until the meat is brown.

Reduced fire to medium level. Peeled and finely chopped onions. Added it to the pan. Extinguished 5-7 minutes, until the onion became soft and acquired a slightly golden color.

I cleaned and cut carrot into thin strips (you can use Korean carrot grater). All mixed, seasoned with salt, pepper, added dry bay leaves, paprika and cumin.

Cumin and paprika give the swim a beautiful golden color and an amazing smell. They are both so fragrant that it is hard for me to imagine pilaf without them.

Poured beef, onions and carrots with water – 2 cups. There should be enough fluid to barely cover the ingredients. Cover and simmer over low heat for about 1 hour until the beef is soft.

It is important not to miss this moment, otherwise the meat will be rubber and viscous, if you do not give it enough time to make soft and juicy pieces.

Meanwhile, just in case, washed the rice in water. Washed in a fine sieve until the water is completely clear.

I do this in order to get rid of the extra starch that is in rice. Starch makes rice sticky, like porridge, and for this dish we need fluffy rice so that the grains are separate from each other.

When using basmati rice, I cook it faster than regular long grain white rice. If simple long grain rice is used, it is enough to pour boiling water over it and let it stand all the time that beef, onions and carrots are stewed.

This allows you to cook rice for as long as you are engaged in other products. Basmati does not need to be soaked in hot water, otherwise it will be digested and turned into mush. I don’t even rinse the basmati rice before cooking it.

When the beef became soft and soft, it poured water from rice and put it on top of the beef, onions and carrots, but did not mix them together. Uniformly spread rice over the surface of the dish and poured about 1 liter of boiled water. Top seasoned with salt.

Brought to a boil, reduced the heat and cooked without a lid until some of the water was absorbed.

She put the whole head of garlic into the rice, made several holes in the rice to help the water to cook faster (using a large wooden spoon stalk). She covered the pan, lowered the heat to a minimum and cooked for another 15 minutes, until the rice was fully cooked.

After that, I took out the garlic and mixed the whole dish, combining roasted beef, onions and carrots with rice.

Garlic has already given a lot of flavor, but you can squeeze it into the garlic box and add it to the dish.

The pilaf cools down and freezes very quickly, so you can cook a large portion at once, part to eat with the whole family, and part to freeze.

To warm the pilaf, simply put it in a microwave or warm it in a frying pan. Then I like to add a little grated cheese – the cheese melts, and the resulting crisp perfectly sets off the velvety consistency of the dish.

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